The new performances of Dina and Arina:

DiA had a competition the 14th and 15th, yeah, most of you know it BUT we did NOT share the videos of their new performances by the request of Dina and Arina. 
DiA don't want to show their performances yet. They wanted to keep these performances secretly yet and openly display in the Grand Prix of Moscow. 
Some fans were asking about the new performances of DiA but the only one shared was the Ball performance (AA and EF) and it was because many sites have taken videos of their ball performances and share them. 
We have now received the green light to share since the performances have already been shared but only to show the ball performance.




About the other performances, all we can say (facing the Grand Prix of Moscow too) is:

Dina's ribbon routine remained the same (the one that she sewed on IC) but her leo changed. 
Dina has the same element as Sasha in her clubs routine. 
Dina's ball leo will change, she thinks.

Dina and Arina's clubs routines changed and the leos and the style of the apparatus. 

Arisha will use her ribbon leo of last year this year with hoop.

ARINA's new leos:

DINA's new leos:

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