D&A (for people who don't know who are they)

They were born on August 13, 1998 in Zavolzhiye , the city kissing the east coast of Volga , most of Europe, born between imperial Moscow and St. Petersburg the historic Rio Grande.

Dina and Arina Averina are twins and also have the same genetic load , share a deep passion for rhythm .

From small , both began to show his great physical qualities and managed to join the pool of talent that Russia has selected in their promises.

Seeing them is strange. Anyone could be easily deceived and believe that there is only one. Is that , besides being identical in genetic , are based on the same technique , in the same style .

Babies come from the division of a single fertilized egg usually have unique psychological characteristics and be joined by a strong emotional bond .

Geneticists say lifestyle , food, make , over time , each twin develops its own personality and is also a difference in physical appearance . Therefore, psychology recommends that the ideal is to take different paths , both in schools and in the circle of friends and sports .

But the passion for gymnastics was stronger . Dina and Arina decided to take the same path , how could it be otherwise , climb to the top pace towards excellence.

The level of difficulties is very similar to that achieved in their junior Evgeniya Kanaeva seasons , the reigning Olympic , world and European champion.
Today , at age 12, the twins are already in the sights of the coach Irina Viner and are emerging as the next leaders of the official team of the Russian Federation .

But watch out, because like them , there are dozens of " talentitos " who train with the desire to have one day a place among the great .

Beyond all , it is inevitable to imagine Averina shaping individual duo to represent Russia in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio .