How can I differentiate Dina and Arina? (PART 2)

Here comes the second part about "How can I differentiate Dina and Arina". This time with new photos, video links and new details.

Credits: Dina and Arina

¡Let's start!


As most of you know, Dina has a mole near her right ear and Arina has a mole near her right ear too, but hers is down than Dina’s and in certain types of photos you can’t see it.

Credits: GinnasticaRitmicaItaliana
Dina's profile
Credits: GinnasticaRitmicaItaliana
Arina's profile (the freckle is very subtle)

Dina has a very small freckle on her forehead. When she smiles, she usually shows the teeth (now she started to smile without teeth). Her eyebrows are thicker than Arina’s, her face has a oval shaped and her eyes are more open than Arina’s.

Arina has a freckle on the botom, left side of the lower lip. Furthermore, when she was young, she had a red speack under her right eye. She usually smiles without teeth but when she shows her teeth (more in the last time) like Dina, you can see they have different smiles. Also has a scar on her forehead. Her eyes have a almond shape and she has the face rounder than Dina.
Credits: Fig-gymnastics
Credits: Fig-gymnastics

Credits: Averin family
Credits: Averin family
Dina’s hair is less frizzy than Arina’s and she likes wear the hair free. By the other hand, Arina’s hair is more wavy tan Dina’s and she likes wear the hair in a ponytail.

Credits: Dina and Arina
Dina's hair is less frizzy and Arina's hair is more wavy.

Credits: ViveValeque

Dina has no freckle and Arina has a freckle on the left side, you can see it if she carries the black training jersey tops.

Credits: Dina and Arina for S.P.S.M_official
Dina has no fleckle and Arina has two small fleckles.
Furthermore, she has her nails painted and her "A" collar.

Dina has just one freckle, besides before Arisha had no freckles, now has two.

Credits: Cylile C. Photography
Dina has a freckle in her right arm and Arina has two freckles.
Furthermore, their smiles, eyebrowns and eyes are little bit different.
Dina uses a ring on her middle finger in the left hand and Arina uses a ring on her ring finger in the left hand too (but in old pics she appears with the ring on her middle finer in the right hand).

Credits: Dina and Arina

Dina usually uses pink tones because pink is her favourite color and Arina usually uses blue tones because blue is her favourite color.
Credits: Oleg Naumov
Arina with blue manicure
Credits: Oleg Naumov
Dina with pink manicure
In the photoshoot of 2015 by ViveValeque you can see the differences between them better. 
Credits: ViveValeque

Credits: ViveValeque

Dina uses colors like pink as wine color or red and Arina likes to use blue colors.

Credits: Dina and Arina
Credits: Dina and Arina
Credits: Shanek_com
Look at their sneakers! Arina wears a blue/purple and yellow sneakers because blue and yellow are her favorite colors, and Dina is wearing a black and pink/red sneakers because pink is her favorite color.
Credits: Dina and Arina
In galas, they like to use their favorite colors: Dina pink and Arina blue...

Credits: Ria Novosti
Video link:

but sometimes they wear leos with the favourite color of the other one like Arina with ball in 2014 or Dina with ball in 2015 and 2016.

Arina usually uses a dark black collar with an “A” (Arina) to differentiate from Dina.
Credits: Trend News Agency
Arina with the black collar with an "A"

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