Happy Birthday DiA (Dar'ya Smik) | AverinaTwins (2014)

(minute until 2:24)
“- Dream. Whether it is big or small, it always remains a dream! There is a saying: Dreaming harmless. And it really is! Dream decorates our lives! It makes it more interesting! But many stop at what is - a dream. Some set out to go to it.
Sometimes a person is very close to her dreams. Oh! Sometimes you need to work hard! And at this moment, when the target is nearly achieved, you start your way to your dream.
- (minute 2:02) Gymnasts, athletes, rival sisters - Dina and Arina Averina from the national team of Russia in rhythmic gymnastics, winners of Russian and international competitions. Two charming sisters, conquered the country with their professionalism, technology and charisma. For all the jumps, turns, dizzying throws, hides a lot of work of a lifetime. How did it all start?”
(minute 2:45-4:00):
-Ksenia Averina (mother):
“-Well, we at first thought: there will be simply twins. For us it was like a small shock.
We waited and planned only for the second child.
When already, there were recognized also two girls, well even I don't know...”
-Polina Averina (sister):
“-Well I was 3,5 years old at that time, for that reason, tell that there were some emotions are too most that to tell lies, therefore there were no emotions.
And just now I can tell with confidence that when there are sisters, sisters even twins are in general very much very cool, very fine, always is to whom to talk with, whom to joke with, whom to play. To have in general a sister, and in my case of two sisters is very cool.”
 (minute 4.00-8:12)
-Dina and Arina Averina:
“Polina went at us to gymnastics and it came home, to us showed the bridge, a twine. We repeated after it. Mother said that wanted to send us for dances, and we told that very much it is pleasant to us, well, to be engaged, we want just as Polina. Also went to gymnastics, very much it was pleasant to us. Well in general we were wanted to be otprvit still somewhere because us was, well at night not to lay. And that though somewhere we put the energy us sent to gymnastics, but it didn't help.”
- Polina Averina (sister)
“To them, of course, it was interesting, cheerful, but I am sure that they perceived it not and so seriously, and simply here that go, are engaged, train. They were flexible, stretched, but of course it not really took - mudflows. No. They were stretched too, everything, but can simply be, I gave something more, than at other children.”
- Ksenia Averina (mother)
“Well, when they started giving hopes definitely we can't tell, but it turned out so that once. In my opinion in 2010 they became, won the second and third place on the Championship of Russia, well, and further they started being engaged already slightly more and to go already on more serious competitions. Here from here probably all also went.”
- Off-screen
“At what competitions you were noticed?”
- Dina and Arina Averina
Arina: On the Young Gymnast, it seems.
Dina: Yaroslavl Spring, it seems.
Arina: Can in Penza.
Dina: No, at first the Yaroslavl spring, then after that we were invited to Penza, then us by priglasl on Yaroslavl
Arina: In Penza, then Yaroslavl already.
Dina: In Penza. Young gymnast
- (Darya Smyk) performances with a ball and a tape of girls were shown off-screen so far
 “In February, 2011 girls in the first played for Russian national team, and in September of the same year sisters moved to Moscow and continued to support the National team. The Young Gymnast in the city of Kazan was their first competition after a perezd.”
- Off-screen (Polina Averina)
 “What it to decide to send children to other city to live?”
- Ksenya Averina (mother)
 “Well it was their choice, and we simply supported them. Yes, it heavy as well as physically and morally, but it was their choice.”
- Off-screen (Darya Smyk) there were performances so far
 “Continued to work as Devchoki, acted on big striations where they already represented not only themselves, but also all our country.”
(minute 8:12-15:00)

- Off-screen: The most memorable moment/competition for you?
- Arina: It is a lot of what
- Dina: All are in own way remembered

- Ksenia Averina (mother)
Well always the heaviest competitions it were the Championship of Russia. It is very difficult to act after all, we have a big competition. And so for us here was this year heavy, it when one acted in Portugal, another in Latvia. Whether we didn't know they will be able to deal with it, but everything went good. It was a progress. It make them grow

- Arina Averina: We acted at different times, I at first worried about it, and then already itself was adjusted.

- Dina Averina: Well, not really. Because I always thought of it, here. I even sometimes wanted to cry. But I was supported by mother, Vera (coach). Well in general me and Arisha corresponded every minute.
Well, normally, I worry more about Arisha, than for myself.

- Arina Averina: When she acted before me, at me was, for example, in the evening. She acted in the evening on the time, I roughly speaking fell asleep with phone.

- Off-screen (Darya Smyk): In big-time sports the support of the people surrounding you (the trainer, relatives, friends) is very important. Friends are a important part, without them live would be boring and uninteresting.

- Off-screen: How did you got acquainted with Dina and Arina?
- Sofya Franskovskaya: We got acquainted in the Championship of Russia in Kazan.
- Yulia Bravikova: I arrived to TOP’s in 2010. On choreography. Nothing was known. And became we friends.
- Maria Pavlova: It was on Russia when we with my girls lodged in the room, to us Dina and Arina were knocked and told "Little girls, it is possible more silently" and so we via the socket communicated and well, I congratulated them on the second, third place, here so we got acquainted.
- Alyona Kovalyova: I got acquainted with them through contact, started writing them, they started answering.
- Maria Vilkova and Anna Musatova: In the World Cup in Kiev

- Off-screen: How many years are on friendly terms?
- Sofya Frankovskaya: Well, about a year.
- Christina Dynina: I'm friend with them already approximately years 7-8, probably
- Yulia Bravikova: We are friends for 5 years.
- Alyona Kovalyova: I think that we are friends for an year, but I know them alive 2,5 years.
- Elizabeth Tikhonova: We are friends five years, can six.
- Maria Pavlova: Four years

- Off-screen: How frequently you meet?
- Sofya Frankovskaya: Seldom, at competitions.
- Anjelica Stubaylo: On days off
- Christina Dynina: At large competitions, probably. In the Championships of Russia, on Sports contests
- Yulia Bravikova: We meet frequently, in Novogorsk all the time. On trainings
- Elizabeth Tikhonova: We see each other when there is free time
- Maria Pavlova: At competitions.

- Off-screen: What at you at the moment aims lives?
- Arina Averina: To go forward, forward and only forward
- Dina Averina: To go forward and... the most important achieve the objective

- Off-screen: How it is possible to keep calm after loss?
- Arina Averina: Well already often there were losses.
- Dina Averina: We train.
- Dina: Well, when it is admissible, Arisha losses (or my losses), I try not to be upset. Because if I will be upset, everything will pass it, to Arisha.
- Arina: I don't know. I don't know, not before it happens.
- Dina: It is more than responsibility when you act for Vera.

- Off-screen: How you consider, you would achieve the same progress in sport if you weren't sisters, trained in the different cities?
Dina: I don't think so.
Arina: No, probably
- Ksenia Averina: For us of course it is pride, but first of all for us they simply ours.
- Off-screen: It is pleasant to you more when you are perceived as a single whole or separately?
- Dina and Arina Averina: Separately. Separately
- Off-screen: What are you doing, when all wants to throw?
- Dina Averina: Well, after training it is necessary to have a rest, distract from thoughts and to think of the good
- Arina Averina: To think of the good
- Off-screen: Whether there is at you a mascot?
- Arina Averina:  Yes
- Off-screen: And what, if not a secret?
- Arina Averina: Secret
- Dina Averina: Secret. At me is them 5, under each types.
- Off-screen:  Toys?
- Dina Averina:  Yes. Under each types.
- Off-screen:  Where you received the first award
- Arina Averina:  At home competitions.
- Off-screen: What it was? Place what?
- Arina Averina: The first
- Off-screen:  And Dina?
- Arina Averina: We were at first place, two second, here so had the first
- Dina Averina: In Zavolzhye
- Off-screen:  And what it was a place?
- Dina Averina:  The first