Show "uninsured" or "without insurance"

The show will be today at 18:00 Moscow time. Link:

18 brave celebrities have agreed to get out of your comfort zone and try your hand at the show "Without insurance".

"Without insurance" - a unique show in which famous artists and athletes are legendary gymnasts. For several months the participants are ready to show aerobatics on the uneven bars, balance beam, on the carpet and in the air. Desperate daredevils daily exercise, trying himself in four kinds of gymnastics (air, sports, artistic and trampoline).

Gymnastic techniques they learn under the guidance of experienced mentors. They run the wizard of the highest category, ready to share the invaluable experience and skill secrets: in gymnastics at the project meets the four-time Olympic champion Alexei Nemov and Anton Golotsutskov, head coach for the floor exercise Sergei Grechushkin and director of the Air Room Oksana Druzhinin from the Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard Merited Coach of Russia and director of the Russian national rhythmic gymnastics Irina Zenovka, Honored Master of Sports of Russia in sports acrobatics, and twice world champion Shulaeva Jeanne, president of the Federation Trampoline Russia Nikolai Makarov.

Chairman of the jury became Irina Viner - the chief coach of the Russian national team in rhythmic gymnastics. One of the judges - gymnast Larisa Latynina, a nine-time Olympic champion, European champion and the world, honored master of sports of the USSR. During the show the jury meets comedian Vladimir Vinokur. The fourth member of the jury will be interchangeable.

Participants: People's Artist of Russia Dmitry Singers, two-time Olympic champion in bobsled Alex Voivod, TV presenter Alexander A., ​​actor Vitaly Gogunsky singer Irina Saltykov, the world champion in the pole vault, Svetlana Feofanova, actress Christina Asmus, a multiple world boxing champion Kostya Tszyu, Actress Maria Kozhevnikova, skater Ivan Skobrev, Yevgeny Papunaishvili dancer, presenter Rosa Syabitova, actor Alexander Golovin, actor Anton Bogdanov, Olympic champion in figure skating Elena Berezhnaya, singer Elena Temnikova, TV presenter Marina Kim, the actress Nastassja Sambursky.

Each came to the project with his motivation: Svetlana Feofanova - to remember the beginning of her career, when she was in reserve Olympic team gymnastics, Rosa Syabitova - to show that after forty is just the beginning, and Elena Temnikova lifelong dreams of becoming a gymnast.

Alex Voivod: "For me, the project" Without insurance "- to overcome themselves and the disclosure of a new opportunity. It will be a competition with yourself. It's kind of a new subsistence in my sporting life. I even liked to rehearse in a circus - acrobatics, balance, if it was 10 years ago, I would have stayed to work in the circus. "

Elena Berezhnaya, "I came into this project to gain experience in acrobatics, tricks and find new elements to develop the pairs figure skating."

Irina Saltykov: "I want to find healthy and in shape. However, what I was doing, happy, but I'm still scared."

Dmitri Singers: "Sport I started 47 years ago. So I went back to 47 years ago. I went to the first class."

Maria Kozhevnikova, "I used to challenge yourself. But I had another motive: he wanted to bring the figure into shape after giving birth. But I know myself: I like many need a good motivation. Just for myself hard not to eat, exercise in the evening when a dream to go to bed. And if you look at the whole country, not relax. "

Kostya Tszyu: "Without insurance" - a tournament is a competition. Come to think of Competition and second place - it's wrong, so I plan to win. "

Christine Asmus: "There is a psychological barrier, and I wanted to try to overcome itself, to overcome their own fears. I am in life and if persistent person I am for something presume - I will fight to the end."

The project involved 18 pairs, each of which consists of a professional gymnast and Star TV screen, film and sport.
Estimates of the numbers put up by ten members of the jury system, appreciating the complexity of the set of elements, technique, artistry and courage of participants. With the lowest score are eliminated. If several pairs scored the same number of low points, they perform a vault over the horse. Retiring the one with lower scores on the jump.

Lead - Yana Curikova and Kirill Nabutov.

Kirill Nabutov: "Without insurance" - an exciting and unexpected sight. I did not expect it to be so. The audience loves that all to be honest, when "without a soundtrack." This will be without insurance, without a stunt. "

Yana Churikova: "Without insurance" - a unique format, of course. I'm on TV 20 years, believe me, this has not happened. And it will be more than just a TV. I'm sure the show will do for sport and rhythmic gymnastics is the same as "Ice and Fire" at the time for figure skating. Parents of children in the lead section. But that's not all. I, like Ambassador TRP pleased that we are here not simply advocate a healthy lifestyle, but also celebrates the beauty and power of the human body, the boundless power of the spirit. "

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