INTERVIEW - about victory in Kazan and preparation for the World Championship

Interview made by Evgeny Evnevich for Match TV, after the World Challenge Cup in Kazan

Before the World Cup is the World Cup in Rhythmic Gymnastics celebrated now in Kazan, and Averina's sisters took the first two places in the all-around. Dina - first (73,950), Arina - second (70,200). In the course of the season, sisters changed places, but in general it is clear - they are now the most stable gymnasts of the national team. "Match TV" correspondent Evgeny Evnevich spoke with the girls right after their victory and the day before their nineteenth birthday.

Dina and Arina
Credits: Oleg Naumov

Dina Averina
Credits: Oleg Naumov

- Congratulations on this victory, how do you assess the performance, given that the gap from the second place was almost four points?

- Thank you. I am very pleased that today there was a ribbon that sometimes let me down, and I'm very glad that I managed to go through all-around without any obvious mistakes, and tomorrow we will be in the finals fix all the little things that have not turned out today.

- After the World Games, where you succumbed to your sister, and won only with clubs, there was some additional incentive to show at this start that you can beat it?

- I think that was not, I am always happy with the victories of Arina, we are family and everything goes to the common piggy bank. At the same time, we are stepping on each other's heels, motivating each other, that's why it turns out so and so on every competition.

- After the World Games, two weeks passed, how was the training at that time, were any accents made to correct the mistakes made at that start?

- We worked more hoop and ribbon, which did not work very well at the games. We worked on expressiveness, programs, worked out the integrity of the speech. They arrived here two days before the start, and held a small gathering, preparing already in the hall where they will have to perform.

- By the way, you played in the middle of the stream, and it turned out that the results of some of the rivals were still unknown, it did not become a problem?

- I never pay attention to the evaluations of other gymnasts, I think only about my performance. On the contrary, it was convenient for me that I did not get into the first stream, because it started very early, it would be difficult for me to wake up. And so, I quietly woke up, covered myself, prepared, everything was calm, I did not hurry anywhere, it was very convenient.

- Now your family is a difficult burden, after Yana Kudryavtseva and Margarita Mamun left the team. It's hard to understand that you are now the leaders of the Russian team, that all the responsibility lies with you?

- I try not to think about it. If you try to realize this, you start to get nervous, you're worry and you make mistakes. I calmly go out and do what the coaches tell me, trying to maximize all their settings.

- When Yana and Rita left, something has changed? There was a sense of leadership?

- On the one hand, no. On the other hand, yes, the training has become more extensive, we have been given more time and attention, because everyone understands that there is no one, and we need to move forward.

Arina Averina
Credits: Oleg Naumov

- First question, have you managed to congratulate your sister on winning the all-around event?

- Yes, of course, I had time, I'm very glad that she managed to win, take first place for our team.

- Is not there a little resentment, bitterness from defeat, considering that it was Dina who won?

- Of course not. I made my mistakes, I am guilty, so I only need to blame myself.

- Speaking of errors, what is their reason? Excitement, nerves?

- Do not worry and not fatigue. Rather, injury. I only recently began to do all the elements on my right foot, and I started jumping on it only yesterday. This affected the level of readiness for this start.

- Injured at the World Games?

- Later. Just a week before Kazan.

- Have you already fully recovered, or are there any problems?

- No, I have not fully recovered yet, but we are trying to do everything so that my leg does not bother me anymore.

- Tell us about the competition within your family. Is it, or is it avoided, always being not only sisters, but also friends?

- Of course not. We do not quarrel about places, there is no competition in a rigid form, it does not reach it before.

- Now you and your sister are objectively the first and second numbers of our team, from which, of course, everyone expects only victories. How difficult is it to live with this and train?

- It's more complicated only morally, from the point of view of the responsibility that lies with us. Physically, you just train, you do everything the same as usual, so there's just a burden of responsibility, yes.

- How did it come to realize that, after the departure of Mamun and Kudryavtseva, you are now the leaders of the national team? Was it hard to accept, or did you feel joy?

- To be honest, I do not even remember now when it came to the realization that we are leaders. We have a lot of girls in the team, and any of them can be on the leader's place, so you have to show the result every day, proving your place in the team.

- Changed the attention of the coaching staff, journalists, fans, when it became clear that you and Dina first team numbers?

- There was more attention from the coaches, because everyone understands - you need to qualitatively prepare for the upcoming World Cup in order to speak well there.

- Tomorrow you play the finals, you will perform despite the injury, do you think it will be possible to get together and avoid today's mistakes?

- Yes, I will try to get together and correct yesterday's and today's mistakes. I will gather strength and will perform.
Arina, Irina Viner and Dina before the competition.
Credits: Oleg Naumov

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