Happy Birthday Kseniya!

Today, August 12th, is Kseniya's birthday.

"Остров Родос июнь 2014,
слияние двух морей Средиземного и Эгейского.
"Поцелуй двух морей"

"Rhodes in June 2014,
the merger of the two seas of the Mediterranean and Aegean.
"Kiss of the two seas""
Kseniya Averina was born August 12th 1974, in the Soviet Union (next, Russia in 1991 - when the Soviet Union was disapear).

She becomes mother February 3rd 1995 (at 20) with her first daughter Polina...


"Сегодня у самой родной,любимой,прекрасной и самой лучшей мамочки день рождения!!!🎊🎉🎁🎂 Мамочка,прежде всего,я хочу сказать спасибо тебе за то,что подарила мне жизнь,что помогаешь и поддерживаешь меня всегда!!!😘 Я очень сильно тебя люблю❤ и хочу пожелать тебе здоровья,исполнениях всех желаний, успехов и удачи во всех твоих начинаниях и продолжениях!!! Ты многое сделала и делаешь для нас (своих детей), не сомневайся,мы тебя не подведем✊🏻 @ks.averina @ Горьковское Море"

"Today, the most native, beloved, beautiful and the best moms birthday!!! 🎊🎉🎁🎂 Mummy, first of all I want to say thank you for what has given me the life that helped and supported me always!!! 😘 II love you very much ❤ and I wish you health, fulfillment of all desires, success and good luck in all your endeavors and extensions !!! You have a lot has been done for us (her children), no doubt, we will not let you ✊🏻"

wrotes Polina on her instagram account

(...) and after that, on August 13th 1998 (at 25) with the lovely twins.

She is the incredible woman who gives the life to this 3 lovely girls. So, dear Kseniya, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! We hope you have the best day of your life around all the people you love with all your heart and soul. We hope you enjoy this amazing day, you are a great woman and your girls are awesome because you gives to them the best education and all your love. We don't meet you, but we know you are a role model of mother and woman because DiA and Polina are great, fabulous and amazing girls.


We only want to say:

Happy birthday Kseniya!